Knabe Youth Piano Competition

2017 William Knabe Young Artist Piano Competition

The William Knabe Young Artist Piano Competition is now accepting 2017 applications!  The competition is open to ages 7-17, from beginner to advanced.

Competition Details:

Over $1,500 in Prizes
Competition Dates: June 3-11, 2017
Application Deadline: May 15, 2017

Competition rounds will be held in both Metropolitan Baltimore and in Metropolitan Washington, DC.


Celebrating Knabe’s 180th Anniversary

The William Knabe Piano Institute is expanding, coinciding with the commemoration of the 180th anniversary of Wm. Knabe & Co. pianos!

In order to include more students in this year’s evaluations, the William Knabe Piano Institute is expanding from 2 to 3 days of live preliminary round auditions.

Preliminary rounds will be held in Greater Baltimore and Greater Washington DC.

Video applications are now being accepting for those wanting to advance to the finals, although live auditions are preferred.

Video applicants may choose to be considered for the finals, or may choose an evaluation only.

Start a video application here 

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ASO Instrument Petting Zoo

I spent my Valentine’s Day with two of the things that I love – music & children!  The Atlanta Symphony had a family fun day which included an instrument petting zoo for the kids to sample the various brass, woodwind and string instruments in the orchestra.  The lady who actually plays the flute switched instruments with me so I got to demonstrate the flute and trombone instead of the cello.  This made for a very interesting day since I don’t play either the flute or trombone unless I’m using my MIDI keyboard to play these instruments through software on my computer.  A fun time was definitely had by all, and I’m looking forward to participating in the next instrument petting zoo!  Please enjoy the event photos below provided courtesy of Beth Sullivan from the Atlanta Symphony Associates.

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Atlanta Symphony – Talent Development Program

Please note that the information below was copied from the Atlanta Symphony’s website.  You can click HERE to access the ASO website for complete information on their Talent Development Program.

The mission of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Talent Development Program™ is to identify and develop musically gifted and motivated, African American and Latino classical music students for acceptance in top music programs in preparation for careers as professional musicians.

TDP New Application Deadline is Saturday, March 7, 2015.  Complete the online application HERE.

The optimal TDP student possesses a passion for classical music and the drive to be a professional musician. This student is committed to meeting the demands of the program’s requirements, including weekly lessons and regular jury evaluations to monitor progress. This student is also dedicated to sharing his/her talent with the community through outreach projects led by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. As part of a mucial community, the ideal student is supportive of their peers in the program and the actively attends musical events offerend by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

• Students in 4th to rising 10th grades
• Students who have at least one parent who is either African-American or Latino
• Serious music students who have already reached a high level of proficiency on a standard orchestral instrument

• Weekly private lessons with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra musicians
• Scholarship awards for summer music study
• Family passes to Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concerts
• Opportunities to participate in master classes, chamber ensembles, and solo performances
• High-profile outreach performance opportunities
• Association with other like-minded, serious music students

Audition Location:
Auditions will take place at the Woodruff Arts Center, 1280 Peachtree Street NE, on the NW corner of 15th and Peachtree Streets. Directions will be provided with your audition time.


All Grades & Instruments: Basic Theory test to be administered at audition. Two unaccompanied solos in contrasting styles plus sight-reading, scales, and techniques as outlined below (all scales from memory):

*Please note that we currently do not accept students on piano or saxophone.

Violin and Viola
Grades 4-8
• Knowledge of 3rd position
• Vibrato
• G and A scales, 3 octaves (violin)
• C and D scales, 3 octaves (viola)
Grades 9-10 All of the above, plus:
• Knowledge of 5th position
• g and a melodic minor scales, 3 octaves (violin)
• c and d melodic minor scales, 3 octaves (viola)

Cello and Bass
Grades 4-7 Knowledge of 3rd position
• Vibrato
• C and D scales, 3 octaves (cello)
• F and G scales, 2 octaves (bass)
Grades 8-10 All of the above, plus:
• Knowledge of 4th position
• c and d melodic minor scales, 3 octaves (cello)
• f and g melodic minor scales, 3 octaves (bass)

Wind Instruments
• Scales noted below (1-3 octaves as capable)—all from memory.

Flute & Oboe:
• Grades 4-8: F, Bb, Eb & Ab
• Grades 9-10: Db & G, B & E

Clarinet & Trumpet:
• Grades 4-8: G, C, F & Bb
• Grades 9-10: Eb, Ab, Db & Gb

• Grades 4-8: F, Bb, Eb & Ab
• Grades 9-10: Bb, Gb, B & E

French Horn:
• Grades 4-8: C, F, Bb & Eb
• Grades 9-10: Ab, Db, Gb & B

Trombone & Tuba:
• Grades 4-8: F, Bb, Eb & Ab
• Grades 9-10: Db & Gb minor, B & E

• Two solos as noted above on pitched instrument
• Must be able to sight read rhythms and pitches.
• Basic techniques on pitched percussion instruments, snare drum and timpani, including basic snare drum rudiments
• all major scales on pitched percussion instruments

• Two solos as noted above
• All major and minor scales

NOTE: Special arrangements must be made for both harp and percussion auditions. Please contact the ASO offices to ensure that proper arrangements can be made.

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