Pictures From 2013 Spring Student Recital

Piano Students
Cello Students

Congratulations to all of my piano and cello students for a successful recital on Sunday.  They all practiced so hard and did an excellent job performing.  Cooper Piano was so gracious in allowing us to use their Liberty Theatre.  This is our 2nd year using this facility, and the pianists really enjoyed playing on their concert grade pianos.

I would also like to thank all of the parents, family members and friends who support all of our wonderful young musicians.  Days like today wouldn’t be possible without you!!

2013 Spring Student Recital

Presented by Audrey Williams Music:

This is the second year that Cooper Piano has allowed my students to use Liberty Theater for their recital.  My piano students were so inspired by how great they sounded on Cooper’s high quality pianos, and my cello students enjoyed the diversity and experience of playing in a real performance environment.  We’re all looking forward to another great recital.  Many thanks again to Cooper Piano for sponsoring this event!

Ken Stanton Student Recital

Along with teaching at my personal lesson studio, I am also on the roster at a few of the Ken Stanton music store locations.  I don’t require that my students participate in the store recitals or the recitals that I sponsor, but I do strongly suggest that they sign up just to experience what it’s like to give a solo performance.  Playing in front of strangers isn’t easy for most people, so I want to give big kudos to all of my students who were brave enough to participate.  Great Job!!