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I came across a really cool website the other day when I was working on a cover song and couldn’t find my metronome to figure out the tempo.  I usually tap in the beat of the song in question to figure out the speed of the recording.  Since I couldn’t put my hands on my physical metronome, I decided to do the next best thing and scour the internet for a quick online solution.  Below is the great web page that I found.

Feel free to try it out right here by using any key on your keyboard to tap a steady beat or visit


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Online Metronomes

A good metronome is an invaluable accessory for every musician.  While it’s probably best to purchase the actual device, there are some free on-line metronome options that are just as good.

  • Metronome Online:  This site has a metronome on the home page that’s very user friendly.  You don’t have to download any software to use it, and you can have a little bit of fun changing the color.  There are ON/OFF buttons so that you can turn off the sound as needed, and there are tempo markings to help you choose the right speed.  An added bonus is the concert A440 pitch that you can use to tune your instrument.
  • Web Metronome:  This site features an online metronome (no tuner) that doesn’t require a download for use.  There is a START/STOP button to pause the metronome.  There are also 3 ways to change the tempo….a single arrow to move the BPM (beats per minute) up or down by single increments, a double arrow to move the BPM up or down by 10, and a sliding bar.  There is also a sliding bar to change the number of beats per cycle.  For example, if you’re practicing a song with a 2/4 time signature, you’d want to change the beats per cycle to 2.  A song in 4/4 would have 4 beats per cycle.  The display window at the top of the metronome shows which beat in the cycle that you’re on.
  • Metronome:  This metronome can also be used very easily from the web page.  The center dial can be moved up or down the stick by using the mouse.  This is how you change the speed.  Once you select a tempo, the text box in the bottom right corner lets you know the corresponding tempo marking.  There is also a START/STOP button to pause the metronome.
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