2017 Summer Student Recital

I’m so proud of my students for pulling together a very nice recital a few weeks ago at the PianoWorks concert hall. A big thank you goes to Jaime & Juanita Washington for donating all of the refreshments and drinks. My student performers were a mix of pianists, cellists and violinists. They worked hard to master their pieces and even did some extra Skype coaching sessions to get ready. I also want to say thank you to all of the family and friends who have supported their student’s music endeavors over the years.

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2014 Spring Student Recital

It’s that time of the year again!  The 2014 Spring student recital is quickly approaching, and I’m very excited that Yamaha Piano Distributors has allowed us to use their recital facility this year.

This upcoming recital will be a combined program featuring my piano and cello students.  Everyone has been practicing very hard, and we’re all looking forward to an afternoon of wonderful music!  This event is open to all family members, friends and supporters.  Seating is limited.


Date:         Sunday, March 16, 2014

Location Yamaha Piano Distributors
                  1736 Cobb Pkwy SE
                  Marietta Ga 30060

Time       2:30 pm


**Light refreshments will be served.

Recital Rules:

  • Please do not allow young children to run around the adjoining sales floor or to play on any of the pianos without supervision.
  • Please do not rest cello cases or personal belongings on or against any of the pianos.
  • Cellists will need to bring rock stops.  The recital stage is hardwood, and we don’t want to poke any holes in the floor.
  • All food items are restricted to the recital area.  Please do not take open food or drinks near the pianos or cellos.
  • Relax and enjoy the performance!!


Sponsored by Audrey Williams Music.  Photo credit: PianoDistributors.com


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Enhancing The MIDI Piano Sound

In Logic Pro, you can either create a real audio track or a software instrument track.  Sometimes, I prefer recording my piano tunes by connecting my Casio digital piano to my computer with a USB cable and using it as a MIDI controller.  I’m able to achieve clarity of sound without having to spend the extra time figuring out optimum microphone placement for an acoustic piano.  I wouldn’t use this method to record a Chopin etude, but it works fine for composing at home.

Recording into Logic Pro through USB doesn’t record any actual audio.  Digital signals are converted into MIDI notes and events that are interpreted by the settings of the software instrument that you select in Logic.  I’ve found that certain nuances of sound, style and phrasing are lost in the digital translation which is why I tweak the settings in order to try and create a more natural sound.  The recordings below show how the sound of a software instrument can be enhanced to sound more like a real acoustic performance.

Song Before Enhancements:

      OverTheRainbow - Audrey Williams

Everyone has their personal taste when it comes to what they feel sounds good.  Below is what I don’t like about the ‘before’ file:

-Some of the note placements are slightly off and sound stilted

-Some notes sound brash and tinny

-A few of the pedal events didn’t translate properly

-The overall resonance and volume levels are low

Song After Enhancements:

      After - OverTheRainbow - Audrey Williams

There’s always something that could be done differently or much better than what I’ve done here.  Below are the fixes that I experimented with to change the sound for the purposes of this brief demonstration:

-Quantized the software instrument track to eighth notes (1/8 note setting)

-Modified the preset software instrument channel EQ settings

  • Cut 1 – 2 kHz to reduce tinny sound
  • Cut 300 Hz to reduce muddiness
  • Boosted 5 kHz to increase presence
  • Boosted 100 Hz to round out the bottom end

-Converted the instrument track to an audio track so that I could use the ‘Normalize’ function to increase the volume.

-Added a multipressor with the ‘Final Pop Compressor’ pre-configured setting

-Added a Linear phase EQ and reduced 20Hz, boosted 2 kHz, boosted 10 kHz

-Added an Adaptive Limiter using the default setting




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