Audrey Williams

Welcome to my website.  Music has always been a part of my life for as long as I’m able to recall.  If I wasn’t watching my dad perform, then I was either singing in the church choir, taking piano lessons at the mall or playing cello in the school orchestra.  I was lucky to have great music teachers that pushed me to accomplish far more than I thought was possible for a small town girl.  I was already a working musician by the time I went off to college which was probably the best education that money just can’t buy.

I became interested in music technology during my college years after my engineering coursework introduced me to the science behind sound waves.  Even though my school didn’t offer music technology classes at the time, the eternal spark had already been ignited that eventually led me to my current path of composition and production.  While I do enjoy performing with artists of different genres, classical music will always be my first love since classical piano and cello is where it all really got started for me.  I feel very fortunate to have found work that I love doing and to have the opportunity to share the love of music with my students. Choosing a career in music has definitely had it’s challenges, but I can’t imagine living my life in any other way.

Please visit my About page for my full bio.  All of my recordings and original compositions are available for purchase on Bandcamp’s website.  You can also visit my Music page to listen to any of my songs for FREE.

I initially started my Blog as a resource for my community of students.  I now use it as a space to share my experiences, insights and helpful tips for other musicians.  An educated musician will always become a better musician!



HeartBeat – Winner of the Akademia Music Award for Best Ambient/Electronica Song!


“Music can change the world because it can change people.”